Friday, March 23, 2012

Friends Are Like Flowers

We made really big flowers today! I took pictures of all the kids, cropped them to just the heads and printed them out as 4x6's. Then I taped them to a square piece of paper.
I should have used a circle instead of a square, but it still worked. I wanted to have enough paper for the kids to glue on petals. I made simple petals from construction paper. I told the kids to arrange 8 petals around their faces. It's best to do this by placing down all the petals before gluing so you know they'll go all the way around.
Once they liked how it looked, they used a glue stick to attach them to their picture and the square paper. Then they took another 8 petals (sometimes in the same color, sometimes in a different color) and put those on between the first set of petals.
I did have to help a bit because some kids covered their faces with the petals. But as long as I got to them fast enough, I was still able to move them. Then the kids cut strips of green paper, as many as they wanted, and I taped them together to make stems. Some even made leaves for their stems. Then I added some playful grass and the words, "Welcome Spring!"
It's wonderful to have a garden of friends in our room!
And I think that grass will be a perfect spot to put some colorful eggs when we get around to making them! In the afternoon we had a spring picnic. It was a rainy day so we had an indoor picnic, but it was still fun!

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Kristina said...

Super cute bulletin board idea! I homeschool my son and we did something *kinda* similar-- put pictures in the middle of several flowers and made a bouquet!

Stop by and see; totally do-able for a Mother's Day gift : )

Thanks for sharing! Stopping by from The Sunday Showcase.

Meaningful Mama said...

This is so cute. I could see us doing cards for Mother's Day. I love it!

Unknown said...

love, Love, LOVE ALL your bulletin boards ideas!