Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Horton Hears a Who

I saw this cute craft (seen here) that was just a pom pom glued to a pipe cleaner with the words "We are here!" glued to the pom pom. I loved it. However, you need a hot glue gun to attach everything and that's not very child-friendly. I'd be making the crafts instead of the kids. So I changed it a bit.
I bought a couple bags of the sparkly pom poms and found some green pipe cleaners.
I know Horton's clover is pink, but they only came in multi-color packs and I didn't really care if the clovers were all different colors. I also found a coloring sheet of an elephant holding a flower and used that as a template for my elephant trunk. The kids colored it and glued it to a small piece of blue paper. They didn't put any glue on the tip of the trunk because that would need to be lifted up later.
Then I cut the pipe cleaner in half and the kids put it on the trunk. I tried using Elmer's white glue for my example and it was not working well with the pipe cleaners, so I told the kids I would hot glue it later. For now they just set it on the paper so they would know where to put the pom pom.
Then using regular Elmer's glue, they attached a big pom pom to the paper, right at the top of the pipe cleaner. They also glued on the words, "We are here!"
The kids were given the option of using smaller pom poms to make a field of clovers at the bottom of the paper. Elmer's glue worked fine for that, although you need to let them be until it's completely dry.
In the afternoon, when everything was dry, I used a hot glue gun to attach the top of the pipe cleaner to the paper. That's all it needed because the rest of the pipe cleaner was wrapped up in the trunk! Then I used stencils to write "A person's a person, no matter how small" and displayed them in the hall.

Ooh, I just love it! And the bright colors are getting me excited for spring!
We also had a froggy party today to celebrate leap day! The kids could bring in anything frog-related or dress in green.
It was a great excuse to wear my froggy slippers to work again!

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Unknown said...

Hi, do you know what the website is that you got the trunk template from? I have searched every where and cannot find one like it.


Betsy said...

Shannon, this is the coloring page I used for the trunk:
However, last year I ended up using a Horton coloring page that I liked better. I got it from Spotted Puffer fish.
I guess I really need to go back and edit my old posts to include links to the templates I used!