Thursday, December 14, 2017

Handprint Grinch and Max

This was a fun craft for the kids. Who doesn't love the Grinch and his adorable dog, Max? I've seen a lot of handprint Grinches around, but I couldn't find any of Max so I just kind of made it up. For the Grinch I painted the palm green and the four fingers red (I didn't paint the thumb at all) and made a print. For the dog, the thumb and pinky (pinkie?) finger were painted dark brown (for the ears) and the palm and three other fingers were a lighter brown. And I made the print upside down. When the prints were dry, the kids added cotton balls to the Grinch's hat, yellow eyes made from construction paper, and drew in a nose and smile.
For Max I cut out an "antler" and the kids glued it to the top of the dog. I drew in a little bow. Then they glued on white ovals for eyes and drew in the nose and mouth. And just to make it a little more festive, they drew a curly line all around their paper and added colorful fingerprints for Christmas lights.
They turned out so cute!

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