Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Hippos

Hello! Today's safari animal is the hippo. This craft is so cute, but I did not think of it. I found it here. I didn't change a thing because I loved it just the way it was. I cut out hippo heads that I drew by hand. Each one is actually two, with the tops of the heads glued together. The kids drew on the face, then on the inside they glued on the tongues and marshmallow teeth.
A couple of the kids even got extra creative and stacked two marshmallows together to make the longer teeth!
I heard one child say, "I wish this was an eating center so I could eat these marshmallows!" After center time was over, I let them each have one to eat. It would have been cruel not to. After the glue dried, I hung the hippos on the wall.

I love the green letters with the purple hippos against the blue wall. It looks like the hippos are mostly under water with just their heads sticking up. So cute!

Fun Fact: Hippos look like they sweat blood, but actually their sweat has an oily red pigment in it.


masni said...

it really looks so cut...thnks

Betsy said...

Thanks, Masni! It's one of my favorite projects!

jean said...

oh they r really cute!!!